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Thank You For Supporting Our Launch Party!

A big shout out to everyone Oowee Products for their generous support at our AU Intro Launch 2.0 Party & Winter Craft Fair! We greatly appreciate you helping us raise money for our new non-profit! We are very impressed with your generosity & your willingness to help us with your beautiful leather goods. You guys are some incredibly talented artists & we thank you for all you do for our community. Much love, Autistics United Hey friends please give a shout out & a big thank you to this incredible business for not only supporting our launch party but also the amazing employment opportunities for autistics & people with I/DD.

A big thank you to everyone @GalacticPizza for helping support our organization & celebrating our non-profit status and our new website at our Intro Launch 2.0 Party. Thank you for the very generous donation, the pizzas were super delicious!!! We’ll come stop by for lunch sometime soon, we’re looking forward to meeting y’all in person & supporting you guys too! 🙂 Much love, Autistics United Hi everyone please make a little effort to give a shout out to Galactic Pizza! Thank them for donating & supporting our launch party!

AU Introduction Launch Party! & Craft Fair!

We are proud to announce that AU is partnering with ASNC (Autism Society of NC), to help give us a platform for our first big promotional event! They will be hosting our AU 2.0 launch party on November 13, we hope to see you there!

All are invited! All autistics, family, friends, support people & allies. We also want to reach out to & include other organizations & service providers or representatives to help get the word out about what AU has to offer the community.

ASNC is also hosting a craft fair as part of this event. They are looking for autistic artists, crafters, makers & creators! So if you are interested you can find out more by contacting Lauren Powell at

Danny & Jade will be giving a brief presentation about AU at 4:30pm & 6:30pm. And we’ll have pizza, music and dancing. See you there!

The Next Stage is HERE!

Hi AU Friends & Family,

We have some great news to share about our next step moving forward! As many of you know we have been pushing really hard to be our own powerful entity within the community for the last 7 years. We have been pursuing the idea of becoming an all autistic run non-profit for a long time- with helping & influencing to make lasting change in our community.

That day has come!!!!!

We are proud to announce that AU is now a federally recognized 501(c)(3)  Non-Profit Organization.

This will allow us to really help empower individual autistics & this allows us to really help step up our game & make our efforts more sustainable.

Stay tuned for more updates about our Halloween & Non-Profit Celebration Party.

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