Autistic Adults United (A.A.U.) and Autistic Teens United (A.T.U.) are our core operations. We offer monthly social support groups for both teens & adults, social support group to foster friendships & reduce isolation- breaking the mold & learning from each other. interactive social skills workshops to casual discussions on a wide range of topics hosted BY Autistics, FOR Autistics. All Autistics are welcome. In these meeting, Professional and self-diagnosed folks on the spectrum are ALL welcome.  as well as a number of interest groups for those on the spectrum participating in a wide variety of activities with others – all ages and abilities are welcome. We host spectrum-wide and all age events throughout the year, provided BY Autistics and FOR Autistics.

Coming Soon…

  • Spectrum-Wide Mentoring & Peer-Support Program- Through sharing our own experiences and coping mechanisms, we hope to connect and relate to the challenges other autistics are facing and offer sound advice for each other. We have learned to cope by growing into the Autism spectrum, not out of it. Autistics can be the best mentors and peer supports for other Autistics.
  • Multipurpose Multi-Level Leadership Program training autistics to lead AU groups as well as being leaders & advocates in our community & for themselves.
  • Outreach- Working to end isolation in our community & increase awareness. And helping people in other communities with starting their own groups.
  •  Workshop Programs- to help those who do not qualify for I/DD services by providing workshops at the Adult and Teen Support Groups.
  • Peer Workforce Advocates- Our Professional Mentors & Consultants- highly trained & experienced, offering support to the fellow autistics in the workforce.

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