Autistic Mentorship and Peer Support

“Autistics can be the best mentors and peer supports for other autistics.

We have learned to cope by growing INTO the autism spectrum, not out of it.”  – Danny

Danny mentoring an A.U. community member

  • Through sharing our own experiences and coping mechanisms, we hope to connect and relate to the challenges autistics are facing and to offer sound advice for the future.
  • We strongly encourage and support our fellow adult autistics that would like to become mentors and peer supporters to other members of AAU and ATU (similar to the Big Brothers Big Sisters and state funded peer support programs).
  • We might not realize (or others might not realize) that we have trouble in certain areas until we find ourselves in the workforce, in college, or in general social situations. This is why we strive to create a deeper understanding of how truly unique and broad the autistic spectrum really is.
  • We hope to offer helpful advice and support to teens, other autistics and their families, rather than lecturing about what one should and shouldn’t do.

For more information or to get involved in our Mentor program, please contact us.