Welcome to Autistics United!

We strive to create community interaction and dialogue in order to reduce neural-minority stigma and social isolation for people marginalized by their neurological differences.

Autistics United (formerly known as “Asperger’s United”) is an inclusive, interdependent community by and for people on the autism spectrum, along with their family members, allies and friends. We have two primary groups, Autistic Adults United (AAU) and Autistic Teens United (ATU).

DIVERSITY STATEMENT: From our start in March of 2012, AU has always been a group for all races, genders, sexual orientations and beliefs. As our name implies, we come together for ALL people on the autism spectrum as a safe and non-judgmental group. From all of us at AU: “We are inclusive of all people with no exceptions. Autism doesn’t discriminate and neither do we! We hope to see you soon.”

If you are inspired to get involved and want to stay connected with AU, please sign up to follow our new blog!

Our Programs:

  • Monthly social support groups for adults and teens
  • Weekly social events and special interest groups
    • Current special interests groups include:
      • gaming
      • dining out
      • going to the theater
      • physical or outdoor activities
      • and more!
  • A mentorship program for teens and adolescents.
  • Autism skill-building workshops. Previous workshops have included:
    • understanding facial expressions
    • strategies for managing anxiety
  • Special events:
    • Hosted throughout the year, provided by autistics and for autistics!
    • These events are intended to bring together autistics of all ages, abilities and needs (as well as their families, friends and allies) to support and empower each other as a community.
    • Follow our blog to receive notification of upcoming special events!
  • Community Outreach
    • We make community building fun and easy! We help to spread awareness about autism throughout Western North Carolina in order to dispel the stigma of being on the autism spectrum. We also train mentors and peer supporters, and work to address the concerns of individual AU community members as they arise.

Our Values:

  • We have a focus on building a community of people with shared experiences.
  • We believe meeting real-life people, not just trying to absorb something from a book, is the best way to learn.
  • We allow for learning through mistakes and provide positive encouragement, along with opportunities for reflection.
  • We believe support comes from friends, family, and people who have lived with and learned from having autism.
  • Some autistics don’t qualify for services in our area due to policies around the definition of “developmental disabilities,” and so we aim to provide support systems for all autistics: