Autistic Teens United (A.T.U.) 

Join us for our monthly support group with a variety of fun Interactive social skills workshops, special interest nights and more! Etc.

Autistics Teens United (A.T.U.) is a social support group for Autistic teens ages 12-20, and their parents. Our goal is to build a community of support for both teens and their parents. We want to have space for parents to also meet up, but most importantly we want to provide a safe environment in which teenagers on the Autistic spectrum can come together to support one another through sharing their experiences, ideas, and coping mechanisms. We envision a community of interdependence where teens and autistic adult mentors work together to create an atmosphere where Autistic teenagers feel comfortable, where they can have fun and be themselves among peers.

Why Join 

Autism doesn’t go away with age.  We believe autism is a natural occurrence of life and has always been a part of this world, whether we recognize it or not. Support groups allow us to feel community, share our strengths and challenges, and recognize how unique and wonderful we all are. We all want the world to change, but change starts with us. We hope to see you soon!