Autistic Adults United (A.A.U.) 

Monthly Support Group Meeting: interactive social skills workshops to casual discussions on a wide range of topics hosted BY Autistics, FOR Autistics. All Adult Autistics are welcome. In this meeting, Professional and self-diagnosed folks on the spectrum are ALL welcome. We hope to provide a safe space for you to have an opportunity to meet fellow autistics in a nonjudgmental environment.

For people 18 years and older who want to meet for support, friendship, and fun activities. Our group exists to help one another by creating a community for everyone on the Autism spectrum to thrive and prosper. Our main goal is to provide a local social network to those with Autism. We learn from each other, share coping strategies, and have a deep passion for helping other adults who are seeking answers as we build relationships organically and not by force. 

 Autistics can practice social skills without fear of being judged or ridiculed. Through trial and error, we make mistakes together and grow stronger together as a community and family. 

Why Join 

Autism doesn’t go away with age.  We believe autism is a natural occurrence of life and has always been a part of this world, whether we recognize it or not. Support groups allow us to feel community, share our strengths and challenges, and recognize how unique and wonderful we all are. We all want the world to change, but change starts with us. We hope to see you soon!