Austistics United is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission Statement

We are different. We are different in what we do and how we do it. Autistics United (AU) isn’t just about creating a community, it’s about creating a neurodiversity movement in Western North Carolina.

Celebrating Neurodiversity as a Community- AU is a community collective of autistic individuals, helping and learning from one another. We come together as equals to build community and understanding with a non-judgmental attitude that serves to help all autistics and their families. AU is an inclusive, interdependent autism community by and for autistics- all autistics.

Autistic Adults United (A.A.U.) and Autistic Teens United (A.T.U.) are our core operations. We offer monthly social support groups for both teens & adults, as well as a number of interest groups for those on the spectrum participating in a wide variety of activities with others – all ages and abilities are welcome.

We host spectrum-wide and all age events throughout the year, provided BY Autistics and FOR Autistics. We have learned to cope by growing into the Autism spectrum, not out of it. Autistics can be the best mentors and peer supports for other Autistics. We strive to create a framework for other people with developmental disabilities or other diverse minorities to create their own groups or organizations that help people no matter what their challenges are. Come join us!

We have an exemplary support team of friends, personal and professional allies, and family members. Our executive director and board chair are both autistic advocates; our entire leadership team and half of our board are autistic as well. We are a diverse group from the whole human spectrum, and together we are one beautiful neurodiverse family!

We are the first our kind– we are ultimate autism empowerment! No matter where you are on the spectrum or your intellectual abilities- you are capable of leadership! We believe that we can all be mentors because we all have something to learn from one another. Rather than lecturing about what one should and shouldn’t do, we strive to simply share what we’ve learned along our own journey on the autism spectrum.

We strive to provide real, tangible support to all autistics in our community, not just to those who qualify for I/DD services or can afford to pay high fees out of pocket. We have waited, but the people in our community need help now. We need an organization that recognizes our needs while providing the support that celebrates our unique perspectives, gifts, and abilities. So we became that organization. This group is accepting to all people on the Autism spectrum, including those who have not been officially diagnosed.