Month: December 2019

A Very Autistics United Thank You To ASNC & Western Regional Director Michael LePage

Dear Michael,

We really wanted to thank you for going above & beyond in your support for AU & of us as well. Your love, passion & enthusiasm for the group & for us is so radiant, beautiful, genuine and selfless. You love shines bright across the community. The impact of what you do will forever be appreciated by us and has forever instilled confidence to last a lifetime.

We know that you do so much to lift up autistics but we didn’t know that behind the scenes just how much you are actually doing to make this stuff happen. And how very deeply you care and observe the accomplishments of  us & the whole community. You are walking the walk & talking the talk- everything comes from the heart. We are completely and absolutely blown away.

Me (Jade) & Danny are forever grateful for how you have helped us both over the years individually. It’s blown our minds because you support all these individuals in our community in following their dreams no matter what those dreams are. You stand by us autistic folks & we appreciate all you do.

Danny also wanted to thank you personally for the special video. He says, “It brings tears to my eyes & makes me feel absolutely loved & accepted. You totally understand & get me. Your ability to understand feels effortless, I will forever feel grateful. And I truly know that I am loved. You have really made me feel legit & gave my the opportunity to have a voice & sing my song. Last but not least the Slayer shout-out is another thing that you did that was a triple billion times above & beyond. I’m so happy!!!! Thank you for always standing by my side. Love, Danny”

Jade also wanted to say, “I’ve always been moved by what a great advocate you are & by the awesomeness that you bring to ASNC. But now you have really gone beyond that by supporting AU so deeply. We see & also feel how committed you are to reaching out & supporting autistic lead community. And the depth of your commitment is staggering, it goes way beyond what I imagined possible. We all still have a lot of work to do but the burden is made lighter by all of us working together for a better future for autistic people. So thank you. Love, -Jade”

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