🌼 May 2022 Autistics United Events! 🌼

Hi Everyone!

We just want to let you know that during the month of May,  Autistics United will be on a hiatus. The AU leadership needs to take a break. We look forward to seeing you in June. Also we are looking for volunteers to help lead the AU adult and teen/young adult groups so let us know if you are interested in helping out or if you know of someone else who is interested in helping out!

Have a great month!




🐣 Autistics United April 2022 Events 🐰

Hi Everybody!

I hope everyone is having a good spring so far. We are kind of getting a late start, but we have some fun events coming up. Saturday, April 9 from 1-3 pm we are holding an expressive art workshop at Arms Around ASD for the teens and young adults. Then Saturday, April 16 we will celebrate Autism Acceptance Month by holding a talent show at Arms Around ASD. Come show off your gifts and talents! Finally to end the month, let’s enjoy the beautiful spring weather with a picnic and outdoor games at Lake Julian on Saturday, April 23 from 12-3 pm.

We look forward to seeing you this month!

Click on the flyers below for more information.

Saturday, April 9 from 1-3 PM:

Autistic Teens & Young Adults Expressive Arts Workshop

Saturday, April 16 from 1-3 PM:

Autistics United Presents: Autism Acceptance Celebration

Saturday, April 23 from 12-3 PM:

Picnic at Lake Julian




🌸🌱Autistics United March 2022 Events!🌱🌸

I hope everyone is doing well! Spring is on the horizon! We are celebrating the arrival of Spring with our first outdoor event at the end of the month. Saturday, March 26th we are meeting at Carrier Park from 12-3 PM to bask in the sun, socialize, and play outdoor games. But until then, we have our Adult Support Group meeting at Arms Around ASD on Sunday, March 6th from 1-3 PM. Our friend, Ryan Boblett, will be hosting the group. On Saturday, March 12th, the teens and young adults will have an opportunity to get creative with Mardi Gras Mask Making! If you want to wear Mardi Gras colors they are purple, gold, green or orange. This month’s movie pick promises to be funny and fun. Join us to watch Free Guy on Saturday, March 19th from 1-3 PM at Arms around ASD.

We look forward to seeing you in March! 🌸

Sunday, March 6 from 1-3 PM @Arms Around ASD

Autistic Adults United Support Group

Saturday, March 12 from 1-3 PM @Arms Around ASD

Autistics United Teen and Young Adults Mardi Gras Mask Making!

Saturday, March 19 from 1-3 PM @Arms Around ASD

A.U. at the Movies

Saturday, March 26 from 12-3 PM @Carrier Park

Autistics United Welcoming Spring Outing at Carrier Park

💖Autistics United 2022 February Events!💖

Hello Everybody,

We’ve got some awesome events coming up this month and would love your help spreading the word in the autism community.  Let people know what we’re doing and all the fun stuff we have planned for the month of February. You can check out the flyers below for more details on our February events. Sign up for our Mailchimp newsletter by clicking  here!

Saturday, February 5th @ Arms Around ASD from 1-3 PM:

Autistic Adults United Support Group

Saturday, February 12th @Arms Around ASD from 1-3 PM:

Autistics United Teen and Young Adults Valentine Karaoke

Saturday, February 19th @Arms Around ASD from 1-3 PM:

A.U. at the Movies

Saturday, February 26th @Skylanes Bowling from 1-3 PM:

Autistics United Bowling!

❄️☃️Autistics United January 2022 Events ☃️❄️

Happy 2022 Everybody!

I hope everyone had a really great holiday and enjoyed time with friends and family and stayed safe and healthy. We are late in getting this month’s events started, but we have some great events coming up! This Saturday, January 15th from 1-3 p.m. we will host an anime afternoon for teens and young adults. On Saturday, January 22nd  get your popcorn ready for Disneynature’s 2019 movie _Penguins_ from 1-3 p.m. at Arms Around ASD. To end the month we will get together Saturday, January 29th at Skylanes to have some fun bowling! Hope to see you at one of our events this month!

Thanks for your patience while we get this month started!



Click on the flyer links below for more details about each event:

Saturday, January 15 from 1-3 p.m.

Autistics United Teen and Young Adults Anime Afternoon

Saturday, January 22  from 1-3 p.m.

A.U. at the Movies

Saturday, January 29 from 1-3 p.m.

Autistics United Bowling!

A.U. December 2021 Events

Hope everyone is well and staying nice and warm. We have fewer events this month because of the holidays so it’s quality over quantity! Saturday, December 4th we will host an Adult Support Group at Arms Around ASD from 1-3. Then on Saturday, December 11th get your dancing shoes ready for the A.U. Teens and Young Adult Holiday Dance Ball! While this is going on, parents and caregivers can attend a support group just for them. The Holiday Ball and the Parent Support Group will be from 1-3 at Arms Around ASD.  To end the month, A.U will show  “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” on Friday, December 17th from 5-7 p.m.

Saturday, December 4 from 1-3 p.m.

Autistic Adults United Support Group

Saturday, December 11 from 1-3 p.m.

Autistic Teens & Young Adults United Holiday Dance Ball

Parents’ Support Group

Friday, December 17 from 5-7 p.m.

A.U. Movie Night

Autistics United Board Members Wanted!

Autistics United Board Members Wanted!


Our Mission Statement- We are different. We are different in what we do and how we do it. Autistics United (AU) isn’t just about creating a community, it’s about creating a neurodiversity movement in Western North Carolina. 

Celebrating Neurodiversity as a Community- AU is a community collective of autistic individuals, helping and learning from one another. We come together as equals to build community and understanding with a non-judgmental attitude that serves to help all autistics and their families. AU is an inclusive, interdependent autism community by and for autistics- all autistics.


What we are looking for:

  • Board members that have experience being on a board, working for a nonprofit or have professional backgrounds such as in business or social work etcetera.


  • We welcome you even if you have no experience as long as you are passionate, dedicated and willing to set a little time each month or every other month to do your part.


  • If we could find some real movers and shakers that could help us, that would be great!


  • We are looking for people willing to help with fundraising. The most important objective of the board is working together to raise money and bring in revenue for the nonprofit. This includes fundraising, looking for grants, etcetera. There are reasonable, simple, realistic, doable activities all board members can participate in to help with this goal.


  • We are looking for individuals on the autism spectrum or who are neurodiverse. We are also looking for those of you who have a friend or family member on the spectrum or have worked with someone on the autism spectrum and have a deep understanding of autism.


  • Once we know you are interested, then we will talk about board positions that would be a good fit for you.


  • Contact Us For More Information- Get on our email list to find out exactly what we’re doing each month and stay up to date on any changes to our schedule.


Danny Landry,  Founder & Executive Director

Leadership Team Recruitment!

We are looking for YOU! 

Autistics United Presents:

Leadership Team Recruitment

WNC Autistics United is a Non-Profit 501 (c)(3).

The time is here! We are looking for some leaders.

Sign up today!
We are looking for volunteers to serve as

  • Part time team leaders: individual leading groups 2-6 times per year
  • Full time team leaders: individual leading groups 8-12 times per year

We are the first our kind- we are ultimate autism empowerment! No matter where you are on the spectrum or your intellectual abilities- you are capable of leadership!

If you are interested in joining our non-profit leadership team, please email us. If you are doubtful of your ability to become a leader, but have the passion, come to one of our groups and check us out! We are here to provide support and guidance, so anyone who is interested is strongly encouraged to come.

We’ll have monthly Leadership Team meetings for scheduling groups, checking in & accessing how we can best support each other.

If you are under 18 years old and want to be on the leadership team for the ATU  group, you are welcome to have one of your parents, a caregiver or direct care staff help you and work with you to support you in a leadership role. Likewise, if you are any age and need a support person to work with you in a leadership role, you are totally welcome to have that kind of support.

The groups we need the leadership team to help with are the Adult Autistics United Group (A.A.U), the Autistic Teens United Group (A.T.U.), the Girls’ Day Out Group as well as our special interest groups. 


If you are interested, please email or text us and we will put you on the leadership mailing list. When we start our leadership workshops, we can figure out a date that is good for everyone.

A.U. November Events

Hope everyone is having a good fall so far and enjoying the cooler weather and the beautiful colorful leaves. We’ve got some really fun November events coming your way. We’re starting out the month with an animation afternoon for the teen and young adult group on Saturday, November 6th. At the same time as the teen and young adult group, we will also be having a parent group. Then the following Saturday on November 13th the adult group will meet. Sunday, November 21st is our afternoon at the movies, and we will be showing Coraline since we didn’t get to see it last month.  At the end of the month, we’re going to have a really fun bowling event at Sky Lanes in West Asheville. This is for all Autistics. So mark your calendars for Saturday, November 27th from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. That will be a great way to end the month!

Click on the flyers below for more information about each of our events.


Saturday, November 6th 1-3 pm

Autistic Teens and Young Adults United Social Support Group

Parents’ Support Group

Saturday, November 13th from 1-3 pm

Autistic Adults United Support Group

Sunday, November 21st from 2-5 pm

_A.U. Afternoon at the Movies!

Saturday, November 27th from 1-4 pm

Autistics United Bowling!


A.U. October Events 🎃🕸️🕷️

Happy Fall Everyone! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and the beginning of the leaf season. This month we’ve got some special Halloween events on the calendar! We will kick off October with a Halloween themed arts and crafts afternoon for A.U. teens and young adults on Saturday, October 9th from 12-3 PM.  Saturday, October 16th at 5 o’clock we are hosting a funtastic Halloween Party for Autistic Adults 18 and up and their family and friends. Then on Sunday, October 17th we will host an afternoon at the movies from 2-4:30 PM.  Coraline is our movie pick. At the end of the month get ready to have some fun, dress up and boogie down for our Halloween Ball on Sunday, October 31st from 2-5 PM! All events are at Arms Around ASD except for the October 16th Adult Group Halloween Party.

Click on the links below for more details.

A.U. Halloween Ball

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